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Leveling up sales

It’s a delicate game that needs to be played right
Left Right

Sales are only as good as they’re teams.

Sales are crucial for any thriving business, and so are the tools used by the team members. Vest empowers these sales teams by establishing brand identity and building campaigns that help them talk to the right people about the right things.

Our team gave a housing community special treatment

This particular client was looking for a fresh tone and feel to appeal to younger families. They needed messaging that struck a balance between high-end amenities and affordability. The comprehensive campaign that Vest developed converted the target demographic of modern, young families and helped create a new brand.

  • 2x
    website traffic from previous year
  • New Identity
    established for younger families

Here’s what we did

  • Reading

    Vest created a comprehensive branding campaign with a fresh feel to emphasize modern amenities available in a scenic countryside setting.

  • Social

    Vest’s research showed the who, where, what, why, and how, enabling the launch of social ads with precise targeting. Since the launch of the social program, web traffic has doubled.

  • Web

    The client’s website continued the branding campaign’s look and feel while allowing potential residents to download an informational packet in exchange for their email address.

  • Video

    Videos, distributed across their different social channels, helped future residents visualize their homeownership goals. Social interest had been boosted in the process.

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