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I Am Stevie

And I Love Bringing Cool Ideas To Life

It’s responsive, too!
It’s responsive, too!
It’s responsive, too!

The tech doesn’t really matter

With all the technologies available, there is no "best" solution. A web app built in ReactJs? Nice. A mobile app that needs to be deployed to both iOS and Android, with one code base? Ionic, it is! A custom UI solution implemented using jQuery on a Wordpress site? Done. The options are endless, so I typically use a combination of these:

Node JS

Why invest so much time?

The short answer...because it’s awesome and I enjoy it. But really, to do things properly, it’s important to invest the time to plan it out. The success of a project hinges on all the pieces moving together in unity, whether it’s the functioning of the site, designs used in the app, or the number of people engaging on any social media outlet.

Other than that...

I’m living the life of a digital nomad...keeping up with my health and fitness, playing music, making games, and traveling the world as much as I can. Since different perspectives lead to innovation, I think being open to new experiences is a great way to bring fresh ideas to my projects.